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Billet Oil Change Kit
This billet aluminum oil filter body allows you to use spin-on oil filters. It will work for all Minis except injected and automatic cars.

It also has no bypass valve, meaning all of your oil goes through the filter... No matter what.


*After 70+ years of trouble-free, metal-metal engine protection, ZDDP (Zinc Dialkyl Dithio Phosphate = Zinc and Phosphorus) has been removed from domestic motor oil by order of the E.P.A., as it degrades catalytic converters*. If your engine was designed prior to the 1990s, your non-roller lifters require ZDDP in your motor oil to avoid premature deterioration. Don’t let your lifters run metal-to-metal. Add the 4 fluid ounce contents of this ZDDP Plus bottle at every 4 to 5 quart oil change.

*Not for use in cars with catalytic converter.

Item: Billet Oil Change Kit




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